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Viking Fleet Fishing Reports

Montauk Fishing Report

Wednesday July 3

Night Striped Bass Captain Anthony can finally say MOOOOO! We got them big last night, late but big! We caught the last of the flood and the fish were stacked! We were only able to manage 1 keeper and 1 shorty in these drifts. We bailed the scup and fluke on the jigs so at least rods were bending. We sat through 2 full hours of lull, lost a couple of nice bites, but with an hour to go the big boys started biting. We had a total of 4 fish over 30lbs! George “Novelist” Jehn nailed a 38.5lb and a 31.7lb striped bass. Gunther Vanderdoesch took with pool with a 38lb 8 oz striper and Chase Derasmi took second place with his 33lb striper. Justin, Bryan and Jesse did a phenomenal job assisting all of the anglers aboard the…

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 27th

Full Day Montauk Porgies Captain Dave reports a good day of fishing aboard the Viking Star. Nice JUMBO porgies coming over the rail. Our own Mavros caught a 19 inch 4.5lb porgy. The pool winner was Sanford Amanuel from Manhattan NY with a 4lb porgy.

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 25th

Captain Dave reports an okay day of porgy fishing today in Montauk. It was a good pick in the morning, but slowed down in the afternoon. We had mostly porgies, but we did have 2 keeper stirpers! Today’s pool winner was Gus Clark of Brooklyn, NY with a 3.5lb porgy.

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 23rd

Captain Dave reports a better day of porgy fishing today aboard the Viking Starship. We tried something new and it seemed to have worked! We found some really nice sized porgies, as well as some trigger fish, and bunch of nice cocktail blues and a handful of fluke. It was really a pleasant day of fishing. Today’s pool winner was Paul Timoney of the Bronx, NY with a JUMBO 4.7lb porgy!

Half Day Fluke AM – June 23rd

Captain Ant Reports another great day of fluking from start to finish! We had a group of 5 with 12 keepers & the pool fish of 6.8lbs. Congrats to Michelle Cornett who came all the way from Santa Clara , CA. Jeff Rantinella from Bladwin with a 4.11 lbs, and John Stella had 3 keepers and a Jumbo Scup!

Half Day Fluke PM – June 22nd

Captain Anthony reports another great trio this afternoon! The fluke bit right where we left them except the big boys were hungry! We had fish up to 7.3lbs and 4 over the 4lb mark. The first place pool winner was Charles Betbabanta of Turlock, California with a 7.3lb fluke and in second was Christine Dassler with a 4.7 fluke.

Half Day Fluke AM – June 22nd

Capt Ant reports the best AM fluking of the year to date!! Rods were bending with quality fish the entire trip. We tallied 28 keeper to 6.2lbs & even had a beautiful striper and some jumbo sea bass (returned)unharmed. Honorable Mention to Mr Steve Bento who just missed the pool with a 6 lber. The pool winner was Eric Knuth from Fayetteville, NY 6.2lbs and second place went to Sean Ames with a 14lbs Striped Bass.  

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 22nd

Captain Dave reports a tough day of fishing today. It was a fast drift with a delicate bite due to the full moon. We had some porgies along with some fluke and sea bass (all released unharmed). Today’s first place pool winner was Wieliki Rycharw of NY with a 3.5lb porgy and in second place was Spiro Boukas of Manhasset with a 5lb fluke.

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 21st

Captain Dave reports another tricky day of fishing on the local porgy grounds today.  Again, the best bite was in the strong tide, where we found some really nice porgies along with a bunch of fluke- we had about 10 keeper fluke. Today’s pool winner was Danny Ko of Brooklyn, NY with a 4lb porgy.

Full Day Montauk Porgies – June 19th

Captain Dave reports that fishing started off good with nice size Porgies coming over the rails. Mid morning fishing slowed down a little bit but they continued to catch. Edward Moultrie Sr. of Columbia SC was the pool winner today with a 4.5lb Porgy. We are sailing daily at 6am for Jumbo Porgies.