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Viking Fleet Fishing Reports

Sun Aug 1- 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Capt. JR reports a great afternoon aboard the Viking Star. We caught tons of Porgies, Seabass, and Fluke and everyone went home with a nice bag of fillet. The pool winner was Matt Bland from Wantagh, NY, with a 4.25 lb Fluke.

Sun Aug 1-Montauk Lighthouse Jumbo Porgies & Knothead SeaBass

Capt. Dave reports a good day onboard the Viking Starship.  There was a lot of action near the lighthouse with a mix of small, medium, and Jumbo Porgies; as well as a 12lb Cod. We decided to venture a bit offshore for some excellent SeaBass raging from 2-3lbs, the crowd went home at their limit…

Sun Aug 1- 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Capt. JR reports a very good trip this morning on the Viking Star. Lots action with jumbo Porgies and Seabass keeping the rods bent all morning. Anglers also landed some very nice keeper Fluke to top off their buckets. The pool winner was Bryan Cardinale from Sayneville, NJ, with a 5.25 lb Fluke. We want to give an honorable mention to Tajhae Campbell from Montuak, NY, with a 5.15 lb Fluke.

Sat July 31 – 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Capt. JR reports a productive trip this afternoon on the Viking Star. We had SeaBass and Porgies coming up from start to finish. We also had some nice keeper Fluke come over the rail as well, and we were very happy to have some very large Trigger fish in the mix. Today’s 1st place pool…

Sat July 31- Lighthouse Jumbo Porgies and Seabass

Capt. Dave reports an excellent morning filled with wonderful Porgies. We caught tons of medium, large, and jumbo Porgies over by the Lighthouse today. We had extra time once everyone got their limit, so we decided to go offshore to fish for Seabass. It took a couple tries to find the Seabass today, but everyone ended the trip with a handful of them. In today’s mix we had some Mackerel, as well as some beautifully size Fluke. The pool winner was Kevin Haughton from Valley Stream, NY with a 2.75 lb Porgy. In addition, the edible pool winner went to Oswaldo Ventura from NYC, who brought in a delicious 3.75 lb Seabass.  

Sat July 31- 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Capt. JR reports very good trip this morning on the Viking Star, despite some windy conditions. Big knothead Seabass and jumbo Porgies kept the rods bent the whole trip. We also boated several nice keeper Fluke. The pool winner was Alex Leither from Westchester, NY, with a 4 lb Fluke.  

Fri July 30 – 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Capt JR reports a productive trip with mostly Jumbo pPorgies coming over the rail. We did find a few areas that had some nice SeaBass with a few keeper Fluke in the mix. Everyone had a nice bucket of meat. The pool winner was Peter Quartararo from Pelham, NY with a 4.75 lb Fluke.

Fri July 30 – Montauk Lighthouse Jumbo Porgies & Knothead SeaBass

Capt Dave reports very good fishing on the Viking Starship. We anchored by the lighthouse due to the fast drift and had a steady pick of nice size Porgies. After that we went offshore and found plenty of keeper SeaBass along with a ton of Mackeral. The pool winner was Mark Cho from Manhatttan with a 2.2 lb Porgy.

Wed July 28 – Whale Watching

A special day!! 8 humpback whales,1 minke whale, 120 bottlenose dolphins!! Our best day of the 2021 season so far started with many whale reports. good visibility and good seas. Within 35 minutes of Montauk Lighthouse we were with the first of 8 humpback whales. We encountered just about every humpback behavior we could think of including: breaching, flipper-slapping, tail-slapping, tail throwing, low fluking dives, high fluking dives, logging. Here, we also found 120 inshore bottlenose dolphins (3 groups of 40) and 1 minke whale. We often had whales on every side of the vessel. All of this in a 3.5 square mile area. 8 humpback whales 1 minke whale 120 inshore bottlenose dolphin 1 Wilson’s storm petrel 1 Northern Gannet

Fri July 30 – 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Capt JR reports good action this morning on the Viking Star with Porgies, SeaBass, and Fluke in every area we fished. We also captured several Trigger fish to round out the catch. The first place pool winner was Frank Spadanuth from Sag Harbor, NY with a 6 lb Fluke. The second place pool winner was…

Thurs July 29 – 1/2 Day PM

Pool Winner – Robert Huebner from Monroe, CT with a 4 lb Fluke.