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Viking Fleet Fishing Reports


Monday June 30

Sunset Striper Slam Capt Ant reports the Light was alive with life last night with once again producing massive Porgys on the jig, blues and Doug Seay’s pool winning Striper! ¬†We had an hour if no tide but that didn’t stop the scup. Super Mate Steve Ho filleted 3 bushels of scup, you couldn’t keep them off the hook. At the start if the tide we caught some blues to 8lbs and unfortunately once we had a fast enough drift it was dark. Still a great night and bags of fillets for every customer. Half Day Fluke PM Captain Ant reports a good afternoon of fluking. In the start we had some nice fluke coming over the rails, but then the tide changed and it was wind against tide and fishing slowed just a bit. We still had a great…

Monday May 12- Third Annual New London Express

3rd Annual New London Express Capt. Steven Sr reports a good trip despite the weather. We had steady 20-25 mph winds, but the fish didn’t mind! They were biting all day with drifts as good as 15-18 fish with some double headers. We had a good mix of fish- tilefish, cod, hake, pollack- all nice quality fish in the 12-18lb class. It was a great group of guys and they worked like a team the entire day! Matt Wolak, 14 years old, gave all the older guys a run for their money taking the pool with the 2 biggest fish on the boat with a 24lb and 23lb tilefish. His Father, Matt Wolak Sr, had multiple double headers- what a great Father & Son team! The first place edible pool winner was Joe Decmastro “Joe Dirt” of Rocky Hill with…

Monday May 12- Dave Duffy’s Deep Water Adventure

Dave Duffy’s Deep Water Adventure Capt. Carl reports a great trip on Dave Duffy’s Deep Water Adventure on the Viking Star! Day one started off very good with very steady action in the deep, catching quality golden tiles, giant “seddleback” pollack, sow hake and elusive cusk. We had a lot of fun filling up the coolers for hours! Eventually we started to do some exploring, looking for bigger tiles, and we found some, as well as more hake and cusk. By days end, coolers use full and arms were tired. Day two, we woke up to some windy conditions which lasted all day, making fishing a bit tough having to use 3-5lb lead to hold bottom, but the tiles did bite pretty well for those who put in the effort. As the day went on, the conditions got better and…

Sunday March 9

Local Cod Capt Carl reports a struggle on the cod grounds today. We did have a pre-dawn bite again, however it only lasted for about 20 minutes with a few anglers getting 3-4 keeper Cod out of it and some anglers getting no keeper Cod out of it. There was quite a few shorts in the mix too, but again, the flurry was short lived. The rest of the day saw a few cod here and there and a few pollack but not enough to go around. The dogs were again pretty vicious. Craig Bryan from Bayport, NY took first place with a 9 lb cod and Manuel Londado from Perth Amboy, NJ took second with a 7 pounder.

Saturday March 1st

Capt Carl reports another decent day on the local Cod grounds. As soon as we anchored up in the dark we had the Cods coming over the rail! We had them coming pretty good and very steady with some double headers, some pollack, and some ling mixed in too. There were a lot of short cod also mixed in and they were released to fight another day. The Cod bit good right until a little after sun up, then things quieted down. Once the Cod stopped biting, the dogs started biting and they continued to bite for the rest of the day everywhere we went with just a Cod here and there. All in all we put a nice catch together with everyone going home with some Cod filets. Pool winners to follow. Due to the impending snow storm, we…

Sunday Feb 23

Local Cod Capt Carl reports an overall decent day of fishing today. We had warm weather and calm seas and a boat load of anxious anglers. Our first drop saw loads of ling coming up all around the boat, with just a few cod and pollack. Then things turned for the worse with dogs attacking us everywhere, until the last drop which made the day! We had solid Cod coming up all around the boat with lots of double headers. The savage bite only lasted about 15 minutes though, and things got quiet again, so we made some drifts and picked a few more Cod before the day was done. The cod were nothing big, with shorts in the mix, but everyone got a couple keepers out of it so we ended up ok for the day. 8 year old…

Saturday Feb 22

Local Cod Capt Carl reports a tough day on the cod grounds. The morning started off painfully slow, with nothing but sculpin coming up for the first couple of hours. Finally, later on in the morning, we tried a couple different zones and had a couple decent shots of cod and ling, but not quite enough to spread around the full boat of anglers. John Brooks from Huntington, NY took first place with a 12.5 lb cod and Mike Derby Jr from Brooklyn, NY took second with a 10 pounder.

Monday Feb 17

Local Cod Capt Carl reports a tough day on the cod grounds. It was very cold out and fishing was very picky. We read them pretty good but they seemed to have lockjaw. There were also dogs around. Me managed a slow pick by days end, but it certainly wasn’t enough. Kevin McCann from Staten Island won the pool with an 8 pound Cod. The picture below is a photo of the big school of cod that would not bite.

Sunday Feb 9

Capt Carl reports a much tougher day on the cod grounds today. We did manage to put a catch together, but both the quality and quantity was not what we have been seeing. We did average 2 cod per person with a healthy crowd onboard, with some guys catching 6-7 keepers, but all in all it was definitely tougher today than it has been. Of course we stayed out late and got a few more cod out if it and ling. Long time Viking regular Mike Bunch from Flanders, NY took first in the pool with a 16 pounder, and Kun Kim from Flushing, NY took second with a 12 pounder.

Saturday Feb 8

Local Cod Captain Carl reports another good solid day of winter cod fishing! We had a big crowd of anglers out today and everyone caught cod and had a good time! There was no bite in the dark, but as soon as the sun rose a bit the cod started chewing! Every drift saw cod coming over the rail with some better than others. Fresh bait worked best today, with just a few taken on jigs. Plenty of quality gaffers today too! With the big crowd onboard, a whopping amount of cod spread around the boat! Kristoffer Barch from Seaford, NY took the pool with a 27.1 pound slob cod! Corey Pallasino of Merrick, NY took second with a 25.9 pounder! Notable mentions go to 18 yr old Owen Carr who had 6 big cod, and Walter Lesliaswski, who took…