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Sat Jun 24

Abyss Tile/Cod/Halibut/Fluke 2017
Captain Steven Sr reports great fishing on the recent Abyss trip. On day one we started in deep for Tile, Hake and Cusk and we found them very well with a steady pick all day. There was plenty of medium sized Tile with some bigger ones mixed in. There was 8 Tiles from 15-23 lbs as well as some Hake in the 5-15lb range and some Cusk up to 26lbs. We also found a Barrel fish, a Wreck fish and some Rosies. There was a good mix of everything and the day ended with happy coolers and happy people. On day 2 we started on the Cod grounds at Georges Bank and it was all out on fire. Lots of Cod, Haddock and Pollock, after 6 hours coolers were full again. We headed for Fluke grounds then to get a few hours in before nightfall and there was a good pick again. There was plenty of nice 3-5lb Fluke with 6 or 7 fish in the 6-8.5lb range. With the wind and wave conditions picking up and the first and second days coolers topped off there was a 100% vote to go home early. The pool winners were:
Tile – John Gogliardo 28 lb.
Cod – Karl Maier 22 lb.
Edible – Karl Maier 21 lb. Cusk
Fluke – Umar Butt 8 lb