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Sun Aug 13

Whale Watching
Can we find whales in the fog? YES WE CAN!
The trip started out with clear skies and full visibility until some patchy fog rolled in. We had repeats of whales and when we got to the area, the fog lifted and we found our first humpback. Our second humpback showed up next to us as we travelled through foggy areas. We saw one farther off fin slapping, but lost that one in the fog as the near one lured for bunker. Our third humpback also feeding on bunker. When the fog had finally cleared we were able to watch it for a while as it selected dense large bunker patches and avoided smaller ones. A spectacular day again!


-3 humpbacks
-12 Great Shearwaters
-5 Corey’s shearwaters
-30 Wilson’s storm petrels