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Thurs Aug 23

Wed Aug 22

Crazy Breaching Young Humpback

Our streak of successfully finding whales continues (12 consecutive trips in 2018, 8 in 2017); 122 out of 132 trips since 2009 (92.42%). This trip brought us westward and we found a young humpback breaching like crazy.  From afar, we saw 5 breaches – later when nearer this whale, but still about 400 yards away, we watched it breach 18 consecutive times within a 3 minute period. Two whales had been seen in this area for the prior 2 days. Could this young whale wave been using the sounds produced by breaching to send a non-vocal signal to the other? Probably. We stayed with this whale as long as we could, then searched for others to no avail. Still, it was a spectacular trip.

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