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Fri July 5- Whale Watching Trip

A Big Minke Day
Today’s Viking Fleet/CRESLI Whale watch started off with a dramatic fog bank that sweep over our boat as we were leaving the Montauk area.  The thick fog soon fell away and we progressed through calm seas and sunny blue skies for the rest of the day.
After reaching a point about 12 miles from Montauk point we encountered the first of the Minke whales.  They were apparently feeding on the thick schools of small fish below us.  The adults and children aboard got many looks at these small baleen whales as they spent time around the boat.  We continued along at a leisurely pace and stopped several times as we encountered several small groups that day, for a total of 12 whales seen.
Many small seabirds, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, where dipping into the seas around us for food too. A sharp-eyed passenger also spotted a young Loggerhead sea turtle alongside the boat. Pictures to follow.