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Wed July 21 – Whale Watching

Another double species day! Humpbacks and minke whales!

We headed out to excellent conditions with nearly unlimited visibility,2-3 foot seas,and reports of whales and dolphins nearby. With the predicted stormy conditions to occur within a few hours, we headed west and stayed nearer to shore than on previous trips. Spoiler alert – the predicted severe weather passed to our south.  We found 2 humpbacks and a minke over a 2 nautical mile stretch.  Both were young and active. One was tail throwing, and later breached right next to us.  The 2nd whale was resting (logging) quite often, interspersed with dives and close approaches. Our 1st humpback showed up again and we watched it follow bunker (Atlantic menhaden) and lunge feed though large piles of bunker.

  • 2 humpback whales
  • 1 minke whale
  • 5 Wilson’s Storm Petrels

a whale swimming in a body of water a whale swimming in a body of water an animal swimming in the water a whale swimming in a body of water an animal in a body of water animal on the water