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Wed July 28 – Whale Watching

A special day!! 8 humpback whales,1 minke whale, 120 bottlenose dolphins!!

Our best day of the 2021 season so far started with many whale reports. good visibility and good seas. Within 35 minutes of Montauk Lighthouse we were with the first of 8 humpback whales. We encountered just about every humpback behavior we could think of including: breaching, flipper-slapping, tail-slapping, tail throwing, low fluking dives, high fluking dives, logging. Here, we also found 120 inshore bottlenose dolphins (3 groups of 40) and 1 minke whale. We often had whales on every side of the vessel. All of this in a 3.5 square mile area.

8 humpback whales
1 minke whale
120 inshore bottlenose dolphin
1 Wilson’s storm petrel
1 Northern Gannet