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Sun Aug 1 – Whale Watching

Another successful trip! 2 minkes and 1 humpback!

What a wonderful day we had on the Viking Starship! Unlimited visibility and crisp cool air were perfect conditions for finding whales. Again with 30 minutes of passing Montauk Light, we found a minke whale that allowed us some wonderful views as it swam repeatedly near the bow.  We headed further and 45 minutes later, another minke (larger the 1st one) surfaced within 2 yards of the starboard side of our bow sprit. Captain Davy immediately stopped and the whale dove as the crew collectively held its breath. Within 30 minutes we encountered a 35-40′ humpback that was one we had seen on Wednesday, We had amazing views as this whale rolled over and was logging (resting) with intermittent low-fluking and high-fluking dive to reach the massive concentrations of prey at 40′ (mid-water) and 75′ (bottom).

2 minke whales
1 humpback whale
5 Wilson’s storm petrels
4 Corey’s shearwaters

Photos soon