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Sun Aug 8 – Whale Watching

Another AMAZING multi-species day! 

Unlimited visibility, flat seas, gray skies, with just a few sprinkles for 2 minutes after leaving the dock – a far cry from the storm/rainy weather to our west. Our first whale was a minke, not far from Montauk Lighthouse. Within 45 minutes we saw 2 other minkes, and then the first of 5 humpback whales. Within an hour we found 3 more minkes, another humpback, and 15 inshore bottlenose dolphins and that was just the beginning. Within the next 40 minutes we encountered 4 more humpbacks and 45 more inshore bottlenose dolphins. To top it off, we found a smooth hammerhead shark on our way back in.

  • 6 humpback whales
  • 6 minke whales
  • 60 inshore bottlenose dolphins
  • 1 hammerhead shark
  • 2 Cory’s shearwaters
  • 5 Wilson’s storm petrels

Photos soon at