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Wed Aug 11 – Whale Watching

4.5 year old humpback whale (Liner 2016 calf) again!

Today, the fog that had been around for hours lifted and we were able to head out. Our 3 miles of visibility was enough and within 30 minutes after passing Montauk Lighthouse, we found our 1st whale. This was a 4.5 year old humpback whale (Liner 2016 calf) that has been around Montauk for at least 4 weeks. It was busy feeding on prey at the bottom, spending up to 9 minutes down. At one point, it BREACHED right off our port bow (15 week away). An awesome full body breach! After spending 50 minutes with this whale, we decided to look for others. What we found, unfortunately, was dense fog everywhere. That was it and we decided to head back to port.

1 humpback whale

4 Wilson’s storm petrels

2 Cory’s shearwaters

1 Great shearwater

1 Manx shearwater


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