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Wed Aug 18 – Whale Watching

Our best trip of the year!!

Once again we had perfect conditions and lots of whales reported to us. 15 minutes after passing Montauk Lighthouse, we saw our first of about 12 minke whales. We encountered our the 1st of 11 humpback whales 30 minutes later! We were able to get close to photograph and identify 6 humpbacks, while the other 5 were seen within a 800 yard radius around us as we left out last whale – we’d run out of time.

What made this trip extra special was that the last whale we were close to (the 2016 calf of Nile) was a true survivor. This young male had been severely entangled in 2900 lbs. of fishing gear and was disentangled via a herculean 4 day effort ( We were the first vessel to encounter this whale last year 3 weeks after being freed.  We saw the extent of its injuries and were glad (as was all involved) to have seen it alive on August 19, 2020.  To see it again 364 days later only 4 nautical miles away from where we last saw it on August 2020 was special.  To see that the horrendous wounds have healed was even more special. Everyone onboard was elated!

11 humpback whales
12 minke whales
1 hammerhead shark
25 Wilson’s storm petrels
15 Cory’s shearwaters