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Sun July 17- Whale Watch

This was one of our best local whale watch trips of the past 10 years!!


There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the trip. Suffice it to say that for most, it was the trip of a lifetime! We were surrounded by whales for a radius of several miles and we often saw the classic “picket fence” of whales blows that we would see on our offshore trips to the Great South Channel. Let’s let the number do the “talking.”


  • 12 humpback whales
  • 4 finback whales
  • 2 minke whales
  • 400 short-beaked common dolphins

The following pelagic bird counts are courtesy of Steve Glover and are posted on e-bird)

  • 1475  Great Shearwater (including a flock of 550)
  • 150 Cory’s/Great Shearwater (“Based on what we saw they were most likely Great..”
  • 63 Cory’s Shearwater
  • 6 Sooty Shearwater
  • 4 Manx Shearwater
  • 323 Wilson’s Storm Petrel


Spectacular trip! We are ready to do it again on Wednesday 7/20/22