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Sun Aug 15 – Whale Watch

It keeps getting better!!

We left the dock under exceptional conditions, cool comfortable weather, little wind, and unlimited visibility.  Within 5 nautical miles we found a massive group of several hundred inshore bottlenose dolphins. We stayed with them for a while and continued on our way. It took another hour before we saw whales breaching about 4 nautical miles ahead, once we got there we found 7 humpback whales, including some from our last trip. All seven were essentially moving as one, diving together, travelling together, feeding  near the bottom and returning to the surface together.  We know that humpbacks will cooperatively feed and often see that at the surface. Could they have been cooperatively feeding at depth? We’d like to think so.

7 Humpback whales

200+ Inshore bottlenose dolphins

36 Great Shearwaters

7 Cory’s Shearwaters

20 Wilson’s Storm Petrels