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Sun Aug 21- Whale Watch

Another Sunday on the sea with whales!!

Sunday was a calm day with little wind and small waves and gray skies.  We headed out to where we’d seen whales on our last trips and found the whales again about a few nautical miles further west. On the way we encountered a shark (undetermined species) and a loggerhead sea turtle.  We found humpbacks and fin whales.  While we stayed with the 12 or so humpbacks as they open-mouth and cooperatively kick fed on sand eels, we were never able to spend time near the fin whales (maybe next trip?).  These were adult humpbacks, some with calves, and some of the same whales humpback we’ve seen over the past month were there, as were new ones.  We passed by 2 juvenile humpbacks feeding on bunker on the way in, not far from Montauk Point Our photos taken by Dr. Artie Kopelman will be posted later today.


9-12 Humpback whales offshore; 2 closer inshore

2 Finback whales

1 Loggerhead turtle

1 unidentified shark

60 Great Shearwaters

8 Cory’s Shearwaters

1 Sooty Shearwaters

2 Manx shearwaters

11 Wilson’s Storm Petrels


Photos and videos soon at