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Sun July 30 – Whale Watching

Just gets better and better!


On a comfortable day, with unlimited visibility, we were ready to find lots of cetaceans , and that we did. We had reports of dolphins “everywhere,” and whales where we’d seen them on our last, as well as closer to shore. Are assumption that the nearshore whales were juvenile humpbacks was correct. These juvenile humpback whales and dolphins were searching for and feeding on the abundant patches of Atlantic menhaden (AKA bunker). We watched as the whales fed via subsurface lunges. These were small humpbacks, probably no larger than 24 feet. Our first 4 humpbacks undertook no “surface” activity, but our 5th humpback was repeatedly flipper-slapping and surfacing lunging. Beautiful to watch.  We’re already looking forward to Wednesday’s trip!!  Join us.

  • 300-400 Inshore bottlenose dolphins
  • 6 humpback whales
  • 200 Great shearwaters
  • 10 Cory’s shearwaters


A reminder to all – you will need cash to purchase food and drinks onboard, and to enter the 50/50 raffle, should you wish.


Photos will be posted later today at