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Wed Aug 2 – Whale Watching

Our streak continues!

With temperatures in the 70’s, calm seas, and absolutely unlimited visibility, we could not have asked for better conditions to search for cetaceans on our ninth trip of the season. Reports of whales brought us west of Block Island where spouts were immediately spotted. The first belonged to two humpback whales, surfacing, swimming, and diving in near unison as they fed on the abundant bait throughout the water column. Very soon after, a large fin (finback) whale was also observed accompanied by hundreds of short-beaked common dolphins. We stayed with the whales and dolphins for nearly two hours, getting great views of the spectacle as dolphins surrounded our vessel and the two humpbacks did a “swim-by” popping up on two separate occasions right next to our vessel, which sat safely out of gear. The presence of the fin whale, approximately 70 feet in length, was routinely announced by common dolphins which would pop up just moments before and ahead of the whale, riding its ‘bow’ wake as it surfaced. A minke whale was also spotted on several occasions and everyone had excellent views of the tiny, but tough Wilson storm petrels which numbered 100 or more. A few passengers were even lucky enough to get quick glimpses of two sea turtles (of unknown species) which were also (very briefly) encountered. Our trips remain 100% successful in finding cetaceans this season. Join us as we head out again this Sunday in search of more!

  • 2 sea turtles
  • 2 humpback whales
  • 1 fin (finback) whale (an individual not seen since 7/31/2010 – almost 13 years to the day)
  • 1 minke whale
  • 100-120 Wilson storm petrels
  • 15-20 Cory’s shearwaters
  • 30-50 Great shearwaters

Please remember to bring cash to purchase drinks and food from the galley and for our 50/50 raffle, if you wish to participate.

Photos and videos will be posted at