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Sun Sept 10- Whale Watching

Another amazing 3 species trip, with a sideshow of amazing weather front views.


Our streak of consecutive cetacean sightings continues. We headed out to escape the extreme heat and to find whales. On our way west, we got to see spectacular cloud formations to our south. We eventually entered an area where we hit a “wall of wind” as well as light rain and a 10-15 degree drop in air temperature. We were no more than 0.5 miles from shore and we all put on sweatshirts and/or raincoats. Shortly thereafter we found our first pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins. Later we found 2 juvenile humpback whales, then a minke whale, and then more pods of inshore bottlenose dolphins. All the while we were watching thousands of gulls and shearwaters raising a ruckus and feeding in the same shallow area where we found the whales. Make sure to view and listen to the videos posted at


Book today before the season ends for good on 9/17/2023 (weather permitting). Be sure to bring cash to purchase food in our galley and to participate in our 50/50 raffle, should you wish to do so.


2 humpback whales

1 minke whale

50 inshore bottlenose dolphins

~100 Cory’s shearwaters

~12 Great shearwaters

1 Sooty shearwater (seen and photographed by a passenger)

1 Wilson’s storm petrel

Thousands of blackback, herring, and ring-billed gulls


Photos and videos at a flock of seagulls are swimming in a body of water