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Wed July 3 – Whale Watching

Another spectacular multispecies trip (humpbacks, minkes, finbacks, and Tamanend’s bottlenose dolphins

We left the dock under excellent conditions (unlimited visibility and 2′ seas).  Early on, just around Montauk Lighthouse we found ~300 Tamanend’s bottlenose dolphins, always a good way to start.  Further out, we encountered a small and lethargic humpback whale. We stayed with it for a while to see if it was OK. It was resting (logging) and eventually “woke up” and began to vigorously lob-tail. Once heard a trumpet blow, it was clear the whale wanted us to move away. We were never really close, but heeded the whale’s “request.”

Off we went, and found several finback whales, more humpbacks, minkes, and loads of pelagic birds. Another successful trip!

  • ~300 Tamanend’s bottlenose dolphins
  • 9 humpback whales (including Mostaza, A-Plus, and Lichen)
  • 2 finback whales
  • 6 minke whales
  • 1 Pomarine Jaeger — Dark phase; sub adult; barrel chested
  • 18 Common Tern
  • 1 Roseate Tern
  • 125 Wilson’s Storm-Petrel
  • 150 Cory’s Shearwater
  • 225 Great Shearwater
  • 100 Sooty Shearwater
    • Bird numbers recorded and posted on eBird by Steve Biasetti 

Photos to view and/or purchase to help support our work – prints, digital copies, and framed artwork available

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