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Viking Fleet Fishing Reports

Sat Sept 4 – 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Pool Winner – Tyler Mooney from East Meadow, NY with a 5.75 lb Fluke.

Sat Sept 4- 3/4 Day Fishing

Capt Steven Sr reports an excellent day of fishing. Every drift we made we caught a bounty. We had a couple Fluke along with tons of Seabass and Porgies like we’ve never seen before.

Sat Sept 4 – Montauk Lighthouse Jumbo Porgies and Seabass

Capt. Dave reports a good trip where we started off in deep waters a little East. We were between Montauk and Block Island where we had a slow steady pick of medium to large Porgies and some small Seabass. There were a few nice size Seabass in the mix. The pool winner was Rolando Correa with a 2.1 lb Porgy. The edible pool winner was David Park from Flushing, NY, with a 3.5 lb Seabass.

Sat Sept 4- 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Capt. JR reports a good pick of sea bass and porgies all morning. Lots of action all around the boat. We were also happy to see a few keeper fluke come over the rail as well. The pool winner was Daniel Russell from NY,NY with a 4 lb Fluke.  

Fri Sept 3 – 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Pool Winner: Katelyn Bassolino from Westfield, NJ with a 3 lb SeaBass.

Fri Sept 3 – Montauk Lighthouse Jumbo Porgies & Knothead SeaBass

Capt Dave reports a good day on the Viking Starship. We started out with windy conditions, so we anchored and had really good action with mostly medium to large Porgies and smaller SeaBass. When it got nicer we started drifting to the east and found a better sized Porgies and SeaBass. The drift was a bit fast from the wind, but there were better quality fish. The pool winner was Erik Flores from Amityville, NY with a 2.2 lb Porgy.

Fri Sept 3 – 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Pool Winner – Fiona Adams from Brooklyn, NY with a 3 lb SeaBass.

Wed Sept 1 – 1/2 Day Fishing PM

Capt Dave G reports a tough afternoon of fishing aboard the Viking Star ahead of the storm. Still we fished through windy conditions and caught some Porgies, Sea Bass and a few short Fluke. There was no pool this afternoon.

Tue Aug 31 – Schedule Update

Schedule Update: Cancellations for Wed Sept 1 & Thurs Sept 2 Wed Sept 1 5AM – Porgies & SeaBass 8AM – 1/2 Day Fishing Thurs Sept 2 5AM – Porgies & SeaBass 8AM – 1/2 Day Fishing 8AM -3/4 Day Fishing 1PM – 1/2 Day Fishing 3PM – 3 Day TNT – Viking Fivestar

Sun Aug 29 – Whale Watching

Another three species day, but a long one The day started out with an Atlantic gray seal (Halichoerus grypus atlantica)feeding in the waters of Montauk Harbor right behind the Starship as we boarded passengers. Conditions were excellent as we headed out to the east where humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) had been spotted earlier in the day….

Tue Aug 31 – Montauk Jumbo Porgies & Knothead SeaBass

Capt Dave reports another good day on the Viking Starship. We started out the same as yesterday anchored at a rock pile with a nice mix of SeaBass with Porgies mixed in. We then went off to the east by Block Island drifting. It was a mix of medium to large Porgies and SeaBass up to 4 lbs. There was plenty to go around for everyone. The pool winner was Harold Rogers from NYC with a 2 lb Porgy.    

Tue Aug 31 – 1/2 Day Fishing AM

Capt JR reports that this morning’s trip saw a good pick of Sea Bass and Porgies. It started off very well but as the tide eased off the catch slowed to a steady pick. A few anglers also boated some keeper Fluke. The pool winner was Joseph from Pennsylvania with a 3 lb Fluke.

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