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Saturday September 14

Night Striped Bass

Capt. Ant’s report:
Okay so I’ve been sleep deprived since Thursday and I’m trying to find  “a” word to describe fishing last night.  We’ve used massacre, we’ve used slaughter, we’ve used annihilation.  But for the second night in a row we had the kind of fishing that has made Montauk the Striped Bass Capital of the World.  Simply put, last nights trip was in a sense, PERFECT.  Yes some anglers prefer the pelagic variety, some the cold weather species, some enjoy enticing bottom fish from the rocky or wrecky dwellings.  But from the spring through the fall, Montauk’s Striped Bass and their ferocious friends, that being the bluefish, have the ability to create complete chaos and angler frenzy, sheer exhilaration yet sometime heartbreak, but more importantly affords an opportunity to a non-angler, say a vacationer, the chance to hook, land and brag about their inshore giants.  Does any other species migration start out with a roar in the Spring and early summer, tease us with their inconsistent feeding habits when the water temp peaks, then flat out explode as if it were a Grucci firework finale that lasts for 3 months?
Last night we had 32 anglers.  Eric and Justin filleted 57 Striped Bass.  I stopped counting at 120 Bluefish.  I saw children, young women and aged veterans screaming for a gaff, or running down the side of the mighty Starship, under, over, weaving in and out like the finest Polyester, made in China of course.  As I observed the commotion it truly dawned on me, this was one perfect fishing excursion.
Yes we had challenges, like an end of night eel shortage, or a mis-gaffed fish in the dark, but man, does fishing in general really get better than this less than a quarter mile from the majestic Lighthouse.  The overall point being, in the words of Steven Sr., somedays you’re the dog and some days the hydrant.  Saturday night the dogs won out.  The first time fisherman won out.  The cagey veterans won out.  The converted surfcasters won out.  The father-son bonding experience won out.  The Diplomats from Greece won out.  The Vikingfleets number one fluke customer won out. Mom’s and daughters won out.  And for sure, this Captain/fisherman and his Starship crew won out.
Anglers, we are in the midst of one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, the fall migration of Striped Bass and Bluefish. And while we still have a solid 2 more months of fishing, this initial run gives us the hint that the end of the 2013 season is not so far off.
Pool Winners were:Tom Mckeever Wantagh, NY with a 38.9lbs Second Place went to Mr Charlie Smith from Bay Shore , NY with a 36.2lbs

Half Day Striped Bass Jigging PM
Captain Ant decided to go down the beach this afternoon and yet again a bail job we had two  bass and the blues were lock and load from start to finish.they just took over .The fall run is really here and we are enjoying it as always.The Pool winner was Mr Bob Stratford from Bethpage, NY with a 18lbs Second place went to Mr Kenny Jensen from Manorville, NY with a 16lb . We will be fishing tomorrow at 7AM and 12:30PM

Half Day Striped Bass Jigging AM
Captain Ant reports a bail job this morning the fall run is here we had a mess of blues and two bass but the blues took over.The pool winner was Mr Ray Maggiore from East Northport, NY with a 9lb blue fish.

Full Day Block Island Porgies & Sea
Captain Dave reports a excellent day of porgies and sea bass fishing we had a nice mix of market size fish also we had a keeper weakfish in the mix. The pool winner was Mr Juan Becerril from Bronx, NY with a 3.5 lb Second place went to Pablomiki Martinez from Bronx, NY with a 15.5lb Striped Bass.