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Sunday October 6

Night Striped Bass

Capt Ant reports an excellent fishing trip on our our Sunday Night Special with non stop rod bending action for the first 90 minutes.  Blues overtook the bass grounds as we had a slower drift just as the tide started  but we picked away at the Stripers through the fray.  Those who worked the jigs slowly and kept them close to the bottom were rewarded with Bass with a couple fisherman getting their limit.  Unfortunately we lost the light and jigging came to an end.  At dark we headed to the where they’ve been stacked the last three nights and found it a barren wasteland so we hit some rocks for some jumbos and were able to land one Moo Cow Linesider of 37lbs.  We had many missed bites, even by the sharpies due to the difficult conditions and only landed another fish before the night ended.  Pool Winner was:Richard Talcott Howard Beach, NY with a 37lbs

Block Island Porgies and Sea Bass
Captain Dave reports an okay day of fishing today. We had a nice mix of porgies, mostly medium size, and a lot of sea bass up to 4lbs. Almost everyone had their limit on the sea bass, and all in all it was a fun day of fishing. Today’s pool winner was Dimitrios Pallas of PA with a nice 4lb porgy.

Half Day Bass and Blue Jigging AM
Capt Ant Reports a jigging crush this morning we had bass and blues for the first 2 hours solid. It eased a bit and we found another zone to work and continued our assault. The pool winner Frank Fatone from Montauk, NY with a 26lber

3 Day TNT Ltd
The Night BITE is On
Capt Carl reports a phenomenal TNT trip on the Viking Star this weekend! We started off bottom fishing and had a nice steady pick of Tiles, Cod, Hake, Pollack, and cusk… With more Tiles than anything else. We picked away the whole day until until it got late so we went and found ourselves a place to anchor up for the night. The weather was flat calm and beautiful and we immediately started getting bites… And lots of them. They were all swordfish bites, and we ended up landing 6!!! We released a couple pups and broke off or pulled hooks on many of them, but got 6 swords in the boat! The biggest one was just over 200 lbs! We also had one at about 150, one around 120, one at 100, and two around 75 lbs! It was truly an epic swordfish bite! We only landed 2 yellowfin while we were getting the sword bites, but early in the morning that all changed. Yellowfins started jumping out of the water all around the boat and all hell broke loose for the next couple of hours with quality yellowfins eating everything thrown at them, but mostly jigs. It was savage! For 3 hours all the crew members could not put down a gaff, as the 40-60 lb yellowfin were flying into the boat! We had some over that size too! They put on one heck of a show as they surrounded the Viking Star all morning until the sun came up!  Once they finally stopped chewing, we totaled up and had our full boat limit of Yellowfin! Everyone was whooped! We did more bottom fishing the next day again picking away at mainly Tilefish and Hake and at the end of day, everything was full and everyone was tired as we called it a trip! Mike Feaser took the Tilefish pool with a 24 pound Tile. John “Doc” Rafferty took the edible pool with his impressive 220 lb swordfish, and the tuna pool was too close to call with quite a few yellowfin all the same weight at around 70 lbs, so all the anglers with the biggest tunas decided to give the pool to the tireless hard working crew of Steve Ho, Justin, Bobby, and Carl