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Saturday June 21

Night Striped Bass
Capt Ant reports slow night bassing fish & bait were stacked. They  just wouldn’t bite. Its when we didn’t  mark ’em, we’d pick a few. The pool winner was John Farrel from kings Park, NY with a 25lb Johnny ‘Jesus of the elbow” had a 22lber and Steven Bento the poolman had a 18lber.

Half Day Fluke AM

A full report will follow

Montauk Jumbo Porgies
Capt Dave reports another great porgy trip with a some market size porgies coming over the rail. The pool winner was Mr Ram Dhunie from Queens, NY with a 4lb.

Mark Kaminski’s Outer Limits & Beyond

The Viking Starship return from our Annual Mark Kaminski outer limits and beyond” trip and Capt Carl reports a great trip despite some ups and down. The first day fishing saw beautiful weather and in the morning some good steady fishing catching quality tiles! There was also hake and cusk in the mix, but mainly big golden tiles including a 39 and 38 pounder. Once that bite died off we did some exploring but did not find anything to work on at all for the whole afternoon until the end of the day. When we caught a few more tiles hake and cusk.

Day 2 We woke up to some windy conditions, but we were able to fish for a couple hours catching more tiles, hake, cusk, pollack. After a couple hours, conditions worsened with seas building to 10-12ft with some 15ft sets and stiff 25-30kt winds. We decided to troll around in the warm water but did not get any bites. Finally at the end of the day the wind subsided and we were able to fish a wreck and caught some tiles, some barrelfish, and a few Northern Grouper.

Day 3 Saw steady fishing pretty much all day. Some drops were better than others, and we saw a mix of Golden Tile, Grey Tile,hake, cusk, pollack and more!For a couple of hours we had excellent tile fishing in a new zone and the quality of Golden Tiles was awersome! The end of the day also saw a great drop with all large golden tiles coming up! When the day was over, we finished up our deep drop adventure and headed to some wrecks for Friday morning.

Day 4 We made our first drop on a wreck and it was excellent excellent cod fishing! Dave Duffy jigged up 5 keepers on the first drift! It was a very very good fishing drift after we filled up boxes quick! We hit 2 more wrecks after we beat up the first one and picked away on both. It was a great way to end  a great trip!
We ran a pool for each day, so on day 1  8 year old Dylan Palmer took the tile pool with a 39 pounder, just edging out Tom’s 38. Jim Reilly took the edible pool with a 18lb cusk.

Day 2 Mike Felix took the tile pool with a 30 pounder, and  Chico ”The Man” took the edible pool with a 21lb Barelfish, Chico also had a 18lb mahi mahi !

Day 3 Mark Kaminski himself took the tile pool with a 28 pounder and Mike Felix took another pool with a 19.5lb cusk, barely edging out Rich Kaminski’s 19 lb cusk

Day 4 John Cheung took the cod pool with a 18 pounder  he jigged up!
Our trip tallied up 23 different species, and was a fun one  with a great group of guys. Thanks again to the Kaminski Family for putting this trip together.
Pictures will come soon from the excellent photographer Jerry Mcgrath of ‘Captured McGraphics’, Check him out at! Capt Carl Capt Dave, Steve and Jesse, and Brian thank you all again for a lot of fun !