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Saturday August 9th

Night Striped Bass Full Moon Special
Well it was a slower night for the raging flood tide, not as we had hoped on the super moon.  Fish were marked but a very slow pick…it seemed we got one here one there all night.  Thomas Aiello took 1st with a 39lb slob and Jack Miov for the 3rd time in 3 trips had his luck hold up with a 38.3lber.

Full Day Fluke and Sea Bass
Capt Carl reports a decent day in the full day boat. Again, we were in search of the big flukes we have been seeing and again, we caught some, but not in the great numbers we have been seeing. Some anglers did good, and some not so good. We did see a lot more sea bass than we have been seeing, with some limits. Overall it was a good day. Pete Helfrich won the fluke pool with a 7.7 pounder, just edging out Chris’s 7.6. Maximo Santos won sea bass pool with a 4.5 biscuit! Sorry no pics from today. Camera phone was dead.

Night Striped Bass Behemoth
Capt Ant reports The Behemoth trip was like a roller coaster ride. We had two hours of anticipation as the Viking Star slowly climbed the tracks waiting for the ripping pre-super moon tide. We picked a few bass and many blues in the ascent. When we reached the apex the bottom machine lit up like the moon itself and for the next 3 hours we sped down the coaster bailing large and in charge Behemoths and Moo Cows with one MooCowasaurus pushing our scale over the 50lb mark. Chaos in Motion and just a blast to witness. James took the pool with the 50+lber, Ed took second with a 45.0, and finally Jesus of the Elbow Rewinski broke the Behemoth mark this year with a 43.6lber. There were 3 others in the low 40s but we didn’t get names, we did however get some pix!!!!

Capt Ant and crew would like to thank all on this trip for their team effort.  You guys know what I mean and we all appreciate your participation. We can’t always get everyone a fish but at least we try!!!

Half Day Fluke
Captain Steven Jr reports an excellent afternoon of fishing. There was tons of action throughout the trip with a good amount of keeper fluke and a few sea bass. Today’s first place pool winner was Cathy Signorelli of Lake Ronkonkoma with a nice 6.25lb fluke and in second place was David Stoler of Jericho with a 4.55lb fluke.


John Viols Ultimate Inshore Hungry Man Charter
Capt Carl reports a good trip for John Viol’s inshore hungry man marathon. We started the day off fluking and picked away at quality fluke all day. We had tons of 6’s, 15 over 7 lbs, 7 over 8 lbs, one 9, and one double digit! There were some seabass in the mix too. It wasn’t crazy action and had it’s high and low moments, but quality fluke is what we were after and that’s what we caught. Around 6pm we started bass fishing and had some good drifts and some slow drifts, but again, the size of the moocow bass was exceptional! Most were in the 30 lb range, and we had 2 over 40, and one just over 50! John Viol himself stole the show, winning the fluke pool with a 10 lb 2 oz AND the striped bass pool with a 50 lb 1 oz Behemoth Bass!! Imagine that… A double digit fluke and a bass over 50 in one day! Amazing John! It was a long trip but a lot of fun and Capt Carl, Capt Bobby, and Capt Stephen want to thank John Viol, Fishark Adventures, and everyone else for joining us!

Montauk Local Porgies and Sea Bass
Captain Dave reports a picky day today on the fishing grounds. We had a strong tide, but we still managed a decent catch. We had mixed sized porgies, some sea bass, a striped bass and a couple fluke. Today’s first place pool winner was Hector Gonzalez of Queens with a 3lb porgy and in second place was Victor Brown from Amityville with a 4.5lb fluke.