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Fri June 29

Captain Steven’s Captains Choice
Capt Steven reports that it was a good one, with Tile, Hake, Cod, Cusk and Halibut!! Day 1 – Tile and Hake fishing was on with an all day bite of Tiles with a lot of good size ones in the 12 to 18 lb range. We had a whole bunch of mediums and a good shot of large and XXL’s coming over the rail with at least ten Tile over 25 lbs and oneĀ  XXXL hit the scale at 51.1 lbs for Peter Chiu. By the end of the day coolers were hard to close. Day 2 – We went and hit some wrecks for Cod and Pollock. The first couple of wrecks were slow with a pick of Cod. We had some nice ones in the 12 to 16 lb range, but the last drift – Oh Boy! it was just fine with 10 to 15 lbers coming over the rail. Cod, Cusk and Pollock kept us busy for three hours. We then went to the jigging grounds looking for more Cod, Haddock and maybe a Halibut, and sure as shit we found one!! Brad Bergen, all the way up in the bow flipped out a 20 year old rod, reel, line, leader and hook. It was full of cobwebs with 30 lb line and a 4/0 hook. He hit the fish of his life on the hard after 15 minutes with a 105.6 lb Halibut hitting the deck! In the mean time Haddock and some Cod were still coming over the rail until dark. We knew wind and rain were coming for the next day so we moved inshore to the Fluke grounds. In the morning it was rainy and breezy, but the Fluke were biting their heads off. After four drifts we had our Fluke. The pictures will tell the rest. Now SeaBass, we moved west a few hours to get out of the wind and rain where we had a slow pick with game on until dark. So, with everyone having stuffed coolers full of Tile, Hake, Fluke, Cod and Seabass we called it a trip. It was one for the books thanks to all of our guys!!

Day 1 – Tile – Peter Chiu – 51 lbs
Day 1 – Edible – Peter Wong – 21 lb Hake

Day 2 – Cod – John Szymanski – 21 lbs
Day 2 Edible – Peter Wong – 20 lb Pollock

Day 3 – Edible – Brad Bergen 105.6 lb Halibut
Day 3 – Edible – Fred Pohalek – 8 1/2 lb Fluke