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Sun July 15

Whale Watching: July 15, 2018

A trip for the ages! 18-20 Humpbacks and 8 fin whales feeding voraciously!

We had reports of whales feeding not far from Montauk Point, so we headed to the areas that were in the reports. Less than an hour from the dock we found our first of nearly 30 whales!! Humpbacks and finbacks were feeding on massive quantities of sand eels. We’re used to seeing bubble feeding humpbacks on our trips to the Great South Channel, not necessarily near Montauk, but there they were. In fact, many of the humpbacks that were photographed are known members of the Gulf of Maine stock – and obviously aren’t in the GOM. We saw bubble rings, bubble mists, kick-feeding, and open-mouth surface filtering humpbacks galore. There were breaching and flipper slapping humpbacks too. The fin whales were surface lunging and rolling sideways into concentrations of prey right at the surface. We were surrounded by whales feeding non-stop for 2 hours. An amazing trip!

18-20 humpback whales
8 fin whales
~100 Wilson’s Storm petrels
~50 Sooty shearwaters
~150 Cory’s shearwaters
~80 Great shearwaters
2 Manx shearwaters