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Sun May 12

Off Shore Tile/Cod Trip

Capt. Steven reports a slow start to tile fishing on day one, but after moving around we found them and it was good fishing. There was a good mix with Tile, and Barrels. Then it turned into all tile with lots of  fish on at a time. The tiles ranged from 3-7 lbs. at first, then as we started to move around they started to range from 15-20 lbs. with a few good ones weighing in at 45.4 and 34.6 lbs. A great first day. On day two we hit some cod wrecks and that was slow fishing, caught a few keepers, 20-25  fish per wreck. After four wrecks, we made a day out of it with cod, lots of cunners, and few pollack. All in all it was a great trip. Big thanks to all aboard. The pool winners were Zheng Shihui, from Brooklyn with a 45.6lb. Tile, the second pool winner was Gelu Pislaru from New Jersey with a 16.6 lb. cod, and the third winner was Anton Tridel from New Jersey with a 17.4 lb. Barrel.