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Sun July 4 – Whale Watching

Pelagic birds – yes! Cetaceans – no!

After 31 consecutive successful trips since July 17, 2019 and for only the 11th time since 2009, we were unable to find a cetacean (whale, dolphin, or porpoise).  The conditions were excellent, with unlimited visibility, clear skies, cool temperatures (sea surface temperatures from 52.850F to 67.730F). We traveled over 40nm and encountered pelagic birds often, we saw no whales.  Their prey has begun to show up abundantly, in some areas from the surface to the bottom.  We will find them again

71 Wilson’s Storm Petrels

23 Cory’s Shearwaters

11 Great Shearwaters

1 Northern Gannet (immature)

2 black terns (seen near shore and ID’d by birders)