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Wed Aug 4 – Whale Watching

Whales in the rain!

We headed out with excellent visibility and just a light misty rain, hoping that the rain would stay to our south. Oh well, we were wrong, although when the wind was behind us, the rain was quite tolerable.  We weren’t really fazed by the rain and continued to search for whales.  After about an hour,  a minke whale did a full-body breach just 200 yds from then port bow.  It was an amazing, yet fleeting sight that only a handful of us saw. An hour later we saw the tell-tall splash of a breach and headed to find a humpback lunge feeding and taking high-fluking dives. These were great sights that made the rainy trip worthwhile. The humpback was one we’d seen in this area 2 weeks earlier.

1 Minke whale

1 Humpback whale

1 Ocean sunfish

48 Wilson’s storm petrels

4 Cory’s shearwaters