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Sun Aug 7 – Whale Watching

Well, we found them again bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, sea turtle, and hammerhead shark

It was a bouncy ride for our first hours, but we enjoyed being away from the heat and being out on the ocean looking for wildlife. Pelagic birds flew around us most of the trip (Cory’s, Scopoli’s, and Great Shearwaters). We found what was most likely a loggerhead sea turtle, but never had great looks at it. Right after the turtle, we found the first of several small pods of inshore bottlenose dolphins feeding on prey at the surface and continued to search for whales.  A beautiful smooth hammerhead shark swam on our starboard side just feet away from us.  We had amazing views. Ultimately a humpback breached in the distance ahead of us.  It was one of the humpbacks we’d seen on our last trip. We began to see more and more humpbacks around us, and were ready to go to them. Unfortunately, a passenger experienced a serious medical issue  and we had to head to the dock and meet EMT’s. As much as we wanted to see more whales, the health and safety of people onboard take precedence. As we headed towards the Lighthouse, dolphins came swimming towards us from all over.

We’ll be back out there on Wednesday.

2 humpback whales (there were 2 more that we couldn’t get to)

60 inshore bottlenose dolphins

1 smooth hammerhead shark

1 loggerhead sea turtle

63 great shearwaters

10 Cory’s shearwaters

1 Scopoli’s shearwater

Photos at


an animal swimming in the water a whale swimming in a body of water