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Mon Nov 6 – Blackfish & Sea Bass

Capt Steven Sr. reports a good day of fishing on the Viking Star. Started off with a bumpy ride out, but well worth the ride. We had a solid hour and a half of jumbo SeaBass fishing, with an easy boat limit right off the bat. We then went to do some Black fish, which was still on the slower side with the warm water conditions, however we still managed to pull out a least a dozen keeper size Black fish. Blackfish pool winner was Renxo Quinterro from NYC with a 5 pounder. The Sea Bass pool winner was Jose Marte from NYC with a 4.2 pounder. Our upcoming Black fish and SeaBass schedule is Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week at 5am, along with a Black Fish Haven trip leaving Thursday, November 9th at 3am.

a couple of people that are standing in the water a person holding a fish on a boat