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Viking Fleet Fishing Reports


Friday July 25

Block Island Behemoths Capt. Ant reports a Behemoth night on the Behemoth grounds.  It was exactly what we were hoping.  15 Trophy Bass landed over the trip.  By no means was it a bail job, and we were attacked by some whopper choppers as well, but when we had the tide… biggun after another.  We took 5 back to the dock for weigh-ins.  Here is the list: Chad 38.3lbs (disciple of Jonny Jesus of the Elbow) Chris Goggola 40.2lbs JB Breitstone 40.3lbs (2nd place Pool) Jen Blomquist 39.5lbs (perfect technique even with JB’s coaching:):)) Joe Stratmann 44.4lbs (Pool Winner) Add another 3 to the Moo Cownter. I’d call last night a steady pick, but when your picking cows, it definitely makes for a fun evening!!!! Check out the pix and happy Viking anglers. Thanks for the return of Capt. Eric,…

Monday April 21

38 Hour Tile/Hake Captain Steven Jr an overall good tile trip over the weekend! We had a slow start with some tough drifting conditions and very few fish coming up. But by mid morning the conditions improved and the tiles starting popping up. We had steady fishing for the remainder of the day with mostly tiles coming over the rail. On the last few drifts we did find some hake, pollack and around a dozen nice sized barrel fish. At the end of the day, everyone ended up with some fresh fish just in time for Easter dinner! Jose Ruiz was one of the high hook guys, with 7 tiles with a mess of hake and a barrel fish. Tommy Alexopolous of Bellerose, NY was also a high hook taking the edible pool with a nice 25lb barrel fish- he…