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Monday April 21

38 Hour Tile/Hake
Captain Steven Jr an overall good tile trip over the weekend! We had a slow start with some tough drifting conditions and very few fish coming up. But by mid morning the conditions improved and the tiles starting popping up. We had steady fishing for the remainder of the day with mostly tiles coming over the rail. On the last few drifts we did find some hake, pollack and around a dozen nice sized barrel fish. At the end of the day, everyone ended up with some fresh fish just in time for Easter dinner! Jose Ruiz was one of the high hook guys, with 7 tiles with a mess of hake and a barrel fish. Tommy Alexopolous of Bellerose, NY was also a high hook taking the edible pool with a nice 25lb barrel fish- he also had 6 tilefish, 1 ling, 1 blue-line tile, 1 whiting, 3 pollack and a total of 4 barrel fish. The first place tile pool winner was Eddie Kwok of Baldwin, NY with a 33lb tile, and the second place tile pool winner was Kun Kim of Flushing, NY with a 26lb tilefish.

2 Day Stellewagon
Captain Carl reports an overall good trip on our 2 Day Stellwagen Banks trip aboard the Viking Star! Day 1 was a very long, slow, and painful one! We searched all over the Bank for hours and hours with very, very little to show for it. Eventually, we gave up on that area and headed to find something, ANYTHING, to work on and we did! We anchored up that night at 9:30 pm in the zone and had Haddock and Cod coming over the rail immediately. All night we picked away and those who fought off sleep and kept fishing were well rewarded. Then in the morning we continued very steady fishing with Haddock coming over the rail in a fast pace with Cod mixed in too! There were only a few pollack and redfish. It was well worth the move, and we caught good until it was time to go home. Again, the folks who put in the time and effort were well rewarded with full coolers! We didn’t have any bigger sized fish, with the Cods all being small market fish and the haddock mixed in size as well with lots of shorts but lots of keepers, so what we lacked in quality we made up for in quantity! Capt Dave, and mates Steve Ho and Justin Bieber cut fish for 7 hours on the ride home! After a tough first day, we pulled a good trip out of it. Gary Ruf took the Cod pool with a six pounder, and John Kessler took the edible pool with a 7 pound Haddock. Thank you to everyone for being so patient on the first day and fishing hard!