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Sunday July 28

Sunset Stripers Jigging
Capt. Ant reports an excellent jigging trip despite an angry SE swell that made for uncomfortable fishing.  That being said the hearty crew stood up to mother nature and did a fantastic job on the blues and bass Sunday night.  We had a handful of keeper bass, a handful of throwbacks and just enough rod bending action on Gigantic bluefish,  Jonny, Jesus of the Elbow Rewinski tallied over 100lbs of whoppa’s but lost a few bass due to jig malfunction.  Pool winners were:Tony Regina from Ballston Spa, NY with a 18lbs Second Place went to Dominick Sconzo from selden, NY with a 14lbs Blue fish. Honorable mention goes to Jimmy who after two nights of catching blues landed an 15lbs keeper bass.  Jimmy the K.O.D. is over!!!

Half Day Fishing Pm

Capt. Ant reports insane fishing on the afternoon trip.  We had a great mix of bottom fishing including meaty fluke to 5lbs, jumbo sea bass to 4lbs and monster ocean porgy’s to 4lbs all in the same drift.  We discovered a zone where everything is feeding together, it was truly amazing having the entire boat catching everything at once.  People walked off the boat with 20lbs of fillets with Sea Bass dominating the catch.  Check out the pix of mate Steve Ho’s Half Day nightmare haha…he spent an extra 30 minutes at the dock finishing up the cutting and loved every minute of it. The pool winner  was Mr Ryan Rosati from West Islip, NY with a 6.5lb .We need a bigger fillet table on the Riper!!!!

Half Day Fishing Am

Capt. Ant reports a decent morning on the fluke side, unfortunately we had a tough time getting through jumbo ocean scup and sea bass as we had very slow drifting conditions.  We’d pick a few beauty fluke when we stopped, but then the sweet delectable scavengers found us and piled on.  Buckets were filled with about 50% of the catch Porgy and a 25/25 mix of Fluke and Sea bass.  The boys were still cutting at the dock and all went home with big bags of meat.  Pool winners were:John Cetmkaya from Brooklyn, NY with a 4.9lb Second place went to Mr Albert Mzin from West Islip, NY with a 4.5lb Sea Bass


Full Day Porgies
Captain Dave reports a much better day of fishing than yesterday. Plenty of porgies were caught and some very nice sea bass were caught weighing up to 5lbs. A few fluke and a striped bass were caught as well. The pool winner was E Papoutsis from Astoria, NY with a 3lb porgy. The edible pool winner was Benny Naranjan from Queens, NY with a 12lb striped bass.

Whale Watch
Whales and Dolphins- AGAIN!
Our amazing year continues! Whales, dolphins and pelagic birds were found again. We left in the fog and when it cleared we had perfect conditions. We found our first fin whale- east of where we had seen them previously. This one was not cooperative and kept staying down for anywhere from 3-12 minutes. Our second fin whale was much larger and also spent long times down. While looking at the second whale we found another super aggregation of common dolphins- easily 300 of them-could be seen chasing after prey and coming over to us also. We spent quite a while with the dolphins and found loads of pelagic birds. There were also 1200 Wilson’s storm Petrels.

Totals: 2 Fin Whales 300 Common Dolphins 1200 Wilson’s Storm Petrels 30 Cory’s Shearwaters 15 Great Shearwaters 3 Sooty Shearwaters 1 Sea Turtle