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Sunday Aug 18

Half Day Fluke PM
The afternoon fishing was on the slow side. Wind and tide made it tough. We managed to scratch together a small catch- a mix of sea bass, porgies ans fluke.

Half Day Fluke AM
Capt Ant reports a sensational fluke trip and summer bottom fishing trip.  We went where we have been going to start only to find every boat in Montauk combing the bottom.  We picked but not enough so we headed off to a new zone and it certainly paid off.  Large fat fluke, jumbo sea bass and monster porgy’s throughout a very long drift.  We wound up tallying 38 keeper fluke for 34 fares and did the majority in 3 drifts.

Full Day Porgies and Sea Bass
Fishing was a little slower than it has been due to the strong tides. When the conditions were right fishing was good. We had some beautiful sea bass and nice sized porgies. Angelo Nelson from Philadelphia PA took the porgy pool with a 4lbs whopper! George Glass took the sea bass pool with a beautiful 6lbs sea bass.

Flood Chaser Special and Saturday Night Striped Bass

Sat Night 6-12 trip and Midnight Moo Cow Madness trip – Horrible Start, Excellent Finish.
Our first trip was very tough.  A Few Blues, a few Bass on a full boat, much disappointment.  We marked bait and fish everywhere, they just would not bite on the ebb tide.  Extremely frustrating but from what was reported we should be thankful we got something out of it…just one of those lockjaw nights.  Sam Doughty did nail a beauty at 26.8lbs and Brendan Farrel took 2nd with a 20lber.

Now the Midnight Madness and yes it was Madness.  Being part of our Flood Chaser series we had 7 hours to go explore and after the first trip that’s just what we did.  We headed to Block and our first trip produced a sickening yet exhilarating fish story.  Two fish on right away.  One came in rather easy, a fat 30lber.  The other, well here is the story.  I’ve worked with Capt Eric for about 12 years and have known him for over 20.  He’s probably done more Party Boat Bass trips than anyone in the country and certainly seen his fair share of Trophy’s.  Well we had, in Eric’s words, “The biggest Striped Bass I’ve ever seen”.  The fish was MAMMOTH.  It was a surreal setting.  Flat calm, crystal clear water and everything was in slow motion.  A young first time angler on the rod did everything right.  The beast surfaced calmly in the stern about 25ft out.  She then cruised ever so slowly towards the bow, no speed just unbelievable torque taking drag at will, and crossed over about 16 lines.  She made a turn to the boat, then a u-turn, tied a bow, swam down and de-hooked herself as if knowing exactly what to do.  The boat was silent, I mean pin drop silent.  No yelling or screaming, no hooting or hollering, for the 20-25 passengers that saw the beast in front of them there was just sadness.  For Capt Eric there was nausea, he actually went inside and took a drift off.  For me, well there is a reason fish get that big and get bigger.  There is also a reason we spend time looking for trophies.  We’ve had such a wonderful season and have been blessed with satisfied anglers going home happy, this was no reason to be upset. This is why we fish.  Honest estimate, at least 6 feet long and 60+lbs, and trust me, no water magnification, the fin broke the surface and we had a good 90 seconds of a Sea World type show to assess it.  Thanks for this forum to help me express my sadness…haha writing it down actually helps!!

Now the rest of the trip…we found a zone where they were stacked, yet still finicky but we picked 1 or 2 a drift an average of 20lbs the rest of the night and had an excellent overall trip.  Being out there when the sun rises over Block was absolutely beautiful and not seeing another boat all night even better.  Stay tuned as another Midnight Madness trip to Block is sure to pop up on the schedule.  James Trace to the pool with that first fish and Ray Lamitola from Shirley took 2nd.

Flood Chaser Pics:

Night Bass Pics