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Tuesday August 20

Capt. Ant reports some optimism that this diet the Stripers have been on for the past few days are finally nearing its end.  We still had a slow night as far as what was in the boat but much better than the past two nights and we should have at least doubled our catch between missed bites and lost fish.  We even enticed a couple of Moo Cow Linesiders  to bite as well.  Kevin McCormick from East Islip had the largest going 38.8lbs.  This fish was long and very lean, with a full belly he would have gone 40 easy.  And then there was the story of the night.  Our own Nina Marinova finally came bassing.  After years of doing the Bass brochures, using the best photos for reports, creating and maintaining the Moo Cownter, making sure we have enough eels in the tank, and just plain supporting the usually exhausted bass crew and our passion for the linesiders, Nina caught a Moo Cow of her own tonight topping 30lbs.  It was just fitting, maybe she won’t wait another 10 years!!! Jason Nickels from the OC, NY came in second with a 33lber.
Please note, there will be a change to the schedule for Saturday as well.  We will be running our traditional 6-12 bass trip on the Starship and once again we’ve added a Moo Cow Midnight Madness trip after the success we had last week in the deep dark night.  The Flood Chaser for this week will be cancelled since the tide is pretty much set up perfect for the 6p trip.  Please call the office to reserve your spots as we had some unhappy campers last weekend who just showed up.
Half Day Fluke PM
Captain Joe reports an amazing afternoon of fluke fishing!! We had tons of sea bass and tons of fluke!! Today’s first place pool winner was David Soriento of East Hampton with a 6.5lb fluke and in second place was Joey Gonzalez of Northport with a 4.5 lb fluke.
Half Day Fluke AM
Captain Joe reports a tough morning of fluke fishing due to the strong tide. Again, we managed to get a few over the rail. The first place pool winner was 12 year old Judah Anderson from Brooklyn with a 5.4lb fluke, and in second place was Grant Waterson of Leonia NJ with a 4.7lb fluke.
Full Day Montauk Porgies and Sea Bass
Captain Dave reports a difficult day of fishing with the strong tide. But they were able to put together a decent catch by the end of the day. We had really nice porgies, some sea bass and a few blues. Today’s pool winner was Danny Ko of Long Island City with a 3lb porgy.