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Saturday September 7

Night Striped Bass
Capt. Ant reports all hope is not lost!!!!  After 2 weeks of slow fishing and psycho-therapy the Bass Gods smiled again, not just with fish, but with MOOOO Cows.  While not all fish were weighed we estimated 15 fish over 30lbs including 1 definite 40+ and one who was just as big but not weighed by customer request.
We tried something different, hit a lucky fall jigging spot to start the night and we found some whopper choppers inhaling the eels.  Made a slight adjustment and it was game on.  7 drifts at a 3+ knot tide produce 19 total Bass, which by the last few weeks standards, awesome!!  Every fish was large, every fish put on a fight our anglers will remember forever…it was a perfect night with the exception of 2 break offs of even larger fish just out of gaffing distance.  The crew that we had tonight were flat out awesome, working together to help get these bigguns in, even if it meant reeling up quick taking them out of the action.  They truly did an outstanding job, as did Capt. Eric, Mates Tetsu and Anthony Jr, who by the way was very proud to gaff his first 30lber…way to go son!!
So here are the notables:
Largest Fish to Bob Chiasano from Oceanside  with a 41.2lber
Pool Fish to Nick M. who comes all the way from Binghamton with a 39.7 lber.  Nick also limited out.
Jonny “Jesus of the elbow Rewinski just missed adding his second Trophy to the Moo Cownter with a 38.9lber. Jon also had his limit..a video of Jon’s big boy will be posted to facebook soon.
Honorable mention goes to 10 year old Adam Stanisz who started the night with a 10lb blue and ended the night with a 21lb Striper.  What an awesome kid, so well deserved!!  Thanks to all who participated!!!
3 Day Tuna & Tile

Capt Carl reports a good trip on our Tuna and Tile trip! We had excellent tile fishing both days! Loads and loads of tiles came over the rails, as well as some barrel fish, northern grouper, hakes, and pollacks. Everyone filled up coolers with the bottom dwellers of the deep!
On the Tuna side, things were much slower. We picked up one yellowfin on the troll on the first day. The first night we had an albacore, an lost a nice yellow at the boat, as well as a couple other runoffs, however, we did boat a nice swordfish at @ 125 lbs, and lost a couple other swords (one came close and was estimated at @ 300lbs but the hook pulled). The second night we caught another keeper swordfish and released a pup, but then the rest of the night we were under attack by tigersharks. On the way home, we picked up a couple mahi-mahi, and also a Bluefin. The Bluefin was divided up to all the customers, so everyone onboard went home with loads of bottom fish filets, and some tuna to take home. Pete Ferguson was the man, winning the tuna pool with the 70lb Bluefin, and the edible pool with his 125 lb swordfish! Paul Ryan showed everyone he’s still got what it takes and won the Tilefish pool with a 32 pounder.

Half Day AM

Captain Ant reports overall a good day  despite some rough conditions early on the fluke boat some nice keeper fluke and some scup in the mix. The pool winner was Brian McDonald Massapequa, NY with a 5.2lbs Second PLace Connor Garry Massapequa, NY with a 4.7lbs.

Block Island Porgies and Sea Bass

Captain Dave reports and excellent day of fishing today! Everyone filled their coolers today with tons of porgies, some sea bass and a lot of bluefish too. Pool winner was Tashel Samuels from Bronx, NY with a 4.25lb Second place Theo Liagouris from Maywood, NJ with a 6.5lb Blue fish