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Sun July 16

Whale Watching
Humpbacks! Bottlenose dolphins! Fin whales!

We did it again! We are at 100% success rate so far this season! Today we had reports of fin whales offshore. As we passed the lighthouse we got a report of a whale and dolphins just 3 miles away! We found a humpback whale and about 200 inshore bottlenose dolphins- this was a 30′ humpback feeding and swimming! The dolphins and humpback were probably eating the same thing- sand eels! This juvenile humpback surprised us with a beautiful full body break about 100 feet from us! WOW! We left this humpback to search for the fin whales and found another juvenile humpback. Eventually we got to where we were last week and found a rapidly moving fin whale. We also saw an ocean sunfish and hammerhead shark during this trip.

– 2 humpback whales
– 1 fin whale
– 200 Bottlenose dolphins
– 250 Wilson’s storm petrels
– 10 Great Shearwaters
– 40 Cory’s Shearwaters
– 1 Northern Gannet (immature)
– 1 Roseate Tern (on the way out)