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Wed July 7 – Whale Watching

We’re back at it again: Humpback and short-beaked common dolphins!

It was the perfect day to get on the water, escape the heat, and look for whales and dolphins. The visibility was good, as were the seas and we headed out to the SSE. It was an hour before we found our first blows from a humpback whale.  We traveled with this whale as it searched for food over the next 75 minutes and 2 nautical miles, sometimes being down for 7-8 minutes. This was a young humpback and one we’d not seen before, our 139th different humpback off Montauk since 2009. On our way back, we encountered a rambunctious pod of 30 short-beaked common dolphins!

1 Humpback whale

30 Short-beaked common dolphins

1 Thresher shark

40 Cory’s shearwaters

20 Great Shearwaters

15 Wilson’s Storm Petrels