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Friday July 5

Block Island Behemoth Trophy Hunt- UPDATED REPORT
We got to our honey hole with a trickle of flood tide, but plenty of breeze left to help move the Starship.  After about 10 passes all around the rock, we had a whole lot of nothing to show for it.  No bait, not tide, no fish.  We moved on from there and explored a couple different areas but again, even when marking fish, they just would not bite.  We finally got a drift, around 1.2 kts so we went back to the “Rock”.  Drifting due east we got our first bite, then second, then third.  3 fish, 3 slobs feeding on the slow moving water. Every fish was green as could be.  Danny Wes had the largest at 48lb 8 oz and I swear it fought with the energy of a schoolie in the surf but with the power of the Starships Cat’s.  After a beautiful job by Mates Eric and Justin, and help from the Galley Guru Jesse, the Behemoth was double gaffed and lifted to it’s proper burial, aboard the deck of the mighty Viking Starship!!!  We did a few more drifts, lost some bites, lost some rigs and it shut down completely.

We ventured off to let it rest and found some smaller fish to work on, but I swear this crowd was angrier catching 15-20lbers then catching nothing, they wanted the big boys so we went back now with a cranking tide, truer drift and pulled another 4 Moo Cow Linesiders out of pasture including a 44lb 1oz by Eduardo Cancacho, a 35lb 2oz by Jimmy Budrock and I can’t go on without saying a 36lb 7 oz by Martin Wellen Dowd.  Marty’s persistence over the years finally paid off, he got the slob he was looking for…next stop 40+!!!  Honorable mention to Bass Assassin Chris Luke who’s skill and expertise somehow managed to find a 24″ fish, but at least he found a nice 12lb keeper to take home as well.   So overall the night was slow on quantity but high on quality with half our fares catching one.  But the goal of this trip is to find, hook and land the trophies. Moo Cow Mission accomplished!!!

Half Day Fluke PM
We had a good day of fishing with lots of keepers for the boat. The conditions were tough for the first 3/4 of the trip. Despite that we put together a very solid trip with many keepers. The pool winner was Peter Trombino from Huntington with a 5.5lbs fluke. The biggest edible pool was taken by Day Poluert from Babylon with a 3.1lbs porgy.

Half Day Fluke AM
Captain Joe reports good fishing this morning. We had lots of action and keepers coming over the rail all morning. We also had tons of shorties in the mix. The first place pool winner was Aslan Kerisli of New Hyde Park with a 9lb doormat, and in second was Paul Sciacca of Massapequa Park.

Full Day Montauk Porgies
Captain Dave reports excellent porgy fishing today! They bit in all in all tides right through the slack! We had tons of action all day with porgies, about 2 dozen keeper fluke and some sea bass (all released unharmed). It was lots of fun and beautiful weather! Today’s pool winner was George Dosis of Philadelphia with a SUPER JUMBO 4lb porgy!