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Thursday July 18

Night Striped Bass
Captain Ant reports a very good night of Bassing overall once we found the where the Moo Cows were grazing.  We started at our jigging spot but had to deal with the slack tide.  We managed a few keepers but double the amount of shorts so we MOOOved on after about an hour of combing.  The next spot produced 1, but a larger one.  Next drift none, we MOOOved on.  Finally we had a 2 fish drift…we weren’t MOOOVING.  We drilled it out for the rest of the night with 1 or 2 a drift but all slobs.  We totaled 6 fish in the 30’s including pool winner Chris Hunter from MOOOntauk with a 38.1lber.  Chris “Cool Hand” Luke had a 36.7.  And then there were the young ladies…14 Year old Jenna Fusco nailed a 36.6lber and Samantha Smith, sweet 16, nailed a 35.6lber.  It was Ladies night for sure, great job girls.  We also had a 33.3 and a 30 even among our 19 keepers.  Several fish were in the high 20’s including Jon Rewinski and George “Novelist” Jehn and Danny Weslar who took the local Calcutta pool.  Benny, who showed up early for the Porgy boat, but late for the Bass boat had his limit to 25lbs.  Check out the pix…the Full MOOOOOn is upon us and the big boys are getting hungry!!!!!


Fisherman Special Full Day Block Island Fluke and Sea Bass

Captain Carl reports an okay day at Block Island for the full day boat. We found some fluke all over, but no major schools of them and no jumbos. Just a pick everywhere added up to a decent day with some sea bass in the mix. Pat Sarsfield limited out on fluke and took the pool with a 5.5pounder. Richard Kahn had 3 nice keepers as well at 6 sea bass and won the sea bass pool with a 4pounder.

Half Day Fluke AM
Captain Joe reports a good day of fishing today. There was a nice mix of sea bass and fluke that were caught. The pool winner was Joe Carney from Seaford, NY with a 4.51 lb fluke.

Full Day Porgies
Captain Dave reports a great day of fishing. Plenty of sea bass and a couple of fluke were caught. Many nice size porgies were caught as well. There was 1 keeper striped bass weighing 18lbs. The pool winner was Tony Franklin from Queens, NY with a 4.43lb jumbo porgy.