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Sun Aug 7

1/2 Day Fluke AM
Capt Liam reports a slow start this morning, but we had a strong finish. We had a bunch of fluke and porgies with  seabass up to 5lbs. The pool winner was Bill Swill from Montauk, NY with a 6lb fluke.

Jumbo Porgies and Seabass
Capt Dave reports very good fishing today. We had really big porgies and some very nice sized seabass. There were also a couple of fluke and bluefish, along with 1 striped bass. The pool winner was Gary Gualita from Brooklyn, NY with a 3.2lb porgy. The edible pool winner was Alrick Waters from Bronx, NY with a 4.2lb seabass.

1/2 Day Fluke PM
Capt Liam reports an unusually slow afternoon aboard the Viking Stariper. We had very few fluke and a few sea bass. There was no pool this afternoon.

Whale Watching
Everywhere we went we found whales!
3 Humpbacks, 2 Fin Whales, 1 Minke.
The humpbacks were close in, near the shore, one on the way out and two on the way in. We also found a new mother/calf fin whale out where we had seen them before. Not may whales, but a nice variety of species.

-2 Fin whales
-1 minke whales
-3 humpback whales
-1 loggerhead turtle
-25 young thresher sharks
-50 wilson’s storm petrals
-100 corey’s shearwaters
-500 great shearwaters
-5 sooty shearwaters

Sunset Striped Bass & Bottom Fishing
Capt Dave reports very slow fishing last night. We had very few bites and fishing was just off. The pool winner was Arnold Johnson from Yonkers, NY with a 2lb sea bass.