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July 16 to July 18 – 48 Hour Tuna – Viking Fivestar

Capt Steven Jr reports that our first 48hr Tuna trip of the year was a slammer trip with a nice shot of Yellow Fin to 109 lbs and 10 Big Eye from 140 lbs up to 220lbs!! We started off with a pick of small and medium size Yellows in the beginning of the day and then just before noon we went 4 for 5 on Big Eyes. The afternoon was quiet until sundown when we got the big Yellow Fin and shortly after we went 6 for 6 on Big Eye again. After that the guys were all worn out and we wrapped the trip up a few hours early. We are headed back out this afternoon hoping we can do it again. #vikingfleet #bigeyes #yellowfin #timezero #furuno #trophytackle
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