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Thurs Oct 26 – Night Squid Jigging

Capt Carl is happy to report the that the Squid Bite Beat Goes On! It was a beautiful warm moonlit night and a steady bite as well as soon as we anchored up. Some guys who were really dialed in caught them all night long while others caught during the flurries. Thankfully, we had plenty of flurries where all the sudden lots of Quality Tubes and double headers would come up. It was also pretty cool that we didn’t need the fishfinder to see them tonight, you just had to look in the water and you could see thousands of them lurking and stalking and chasing bait on the surface.
We are going again tomorrow night and have space. Saturday night is SOLD OUT. We also have room on Sunday night. We can’t wait to see you Squid-a-Holics onboard!

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