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Friday August 2

Block Island Behemoth Trophy Hunt

2013 Viking MOO COWNTER

Capt. Ant has one simple word for last nights Behemoth Bass trip to Block……..MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
It was sick, plain and “udderly” simple as our first 10 drifts produced 5, yes 5 Block Island Behemoth Bass over 40lbs.  By no means was it a bloodbath, however this trip is about the Trophy of a lifetime and there were quite a few happy herders on the Starship when we hit the dock at 4a.  We tried a different rock pile last night and it paid off big time.  I still can’t believe Joe “Cowmis” Khamis.  Joe was last years Derby winner and all he has done this year is continued his slaughter of Moo Cow Linesiders.  Not one, not two, but three fish over 30lbs tonight. Not one, but 2 fish over 46lbs tonight.  Joe took first and second in the pool with a 48.2lb slob and his second place fish went 46.7lbs.  His third, a 32.4 looked like a schoolie in the middle of these Behemoth Bass.  Now for the rest of the list that will get added to the Moo Cownter for 2013…Kevin Keresztes with a 40.7, Jonny “Jesus of the Elbow” Rewinski with a 40.4, and Tony Alesi with a 40.1.  Notable mentions were Chris D’Angelo with a 35lber and Ralph DeSimone, with the smallest of the group with a 25lber.  We also had a 38 and 36lber.  First Mate Eric and Second Mate Justin did an unbelievable job tonight as wind against tide conditions were severe.  The men were on their game.
Our next BI Behemoth trip is set to sail next Friday and has a strict limit.  With the New Moon on Tuesday, I suspect the amazing grazing of the Moos at Block will continue so please reserve asap and don’t miss out on your chance for a trophy!!!!

Half Day Fluke PM

Captain Joe reports a good afternoon of fluke fishing today. It started out slow with the wind against the tide but once the tide began to flow and we started to drift the fishing turned on! We had fluke, sea bass and porgies! The pool winner was Mr Joseph Khamis from Yonkers, NY with a 4.8lb

Half Day Fluke Fishing AM
Captain Ant reports a very good morning of fishing although we had a lull with the slack tide in the middle,the last 4 drifts was non-stop rod bending produced a bunch of keeper fluke and knothead sea bass along with jumbo ocean porgy’s.  We also had a slob today weighing in over 8lbs.

Full Day Porgies
Captain Dave reports very good fishing all day. We caught very large fish and a good amount of fish as well. There were many jumbo porgies caught and a bunch of nice size sea bass. We had a handful of keeper fluke as well. The pool winner was Prem Sudama from Richmond hills, NY with a 3lb jumbo porgy.