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Friday August 1

Block Island Behemoth
Capt. Ant reports our hunt for the Beasts for the East was Bassacret!!!!  Barring the first few drifts we absolutely crushed them with 5-8 Behemoths getting stuck with the gaffs on every drift.  85% of the fish were over 30lbs including a pair from Hanging Chad that weight 30 and 36lbs, No disrespect to Chad, but that was nothing.  We had 5 fish over 40lbs this trip.  Eddie Kartar took the pool with a 43.6 and also had a 33 and 25 (orl).  Guiseppe Lombardi had a 42.1 and a 37, Lawrence Wong had 42.0, Michael Nelson had a 41.8, a 37 and 29lber, and Nancy Belermo had a 40 even.  Flat out sick.  Gary “Bigfish”Young also had 3 to 36lbs as did Dr. Jay Zieglerto 36lbs…..Outstanding work by the best bass crew in the universe…Eric, Justin, Jesse, Little Ant and Paulie Rootbeer…their teamwork is unmatched!!!
Check out the pix, then call the office as we will be back on the Behemoth ground on our Midnight Madness trip this 1215am on Sunday.

Full Day Fluke and Sea Bass Captain Carl reports another great day on the Full Day Fluke and Sea Bass boat! The morning was a bit slower, but once the tide changed it was good good with quality flukes and sea bass coming up together. Ronnie J and James were battling for high hook and tied at the end with 10 keepers each (orl). Everyone again went home with lots of meat! Ronnie J had his biggest at 6lbs 11oz, but Kenny Benson from Brooklyn took the pool with a 8lb 15oz Fatty flattie! Jimmy Valentino from Bay Ridge took the Sea Bass pool with a 4.3lb knothead.